Bins and Tips

The District Council empties our bins and run the local tips.

Southam’s refuse collection is managed by Stratford-on-Avon District Council.

Most homes will have at least two wheelie bins: one grey with a blue lid for recyclable waste and another completely grey for other waste for landfill.  The District Council can also provide a green bin for garden and food waste.  Provision and emptying of recycling and general bins is covered by your Council Tax but each green bin attracts an additional charge.  If you don’t have a green bin, you can get a small caddy bin for food waste which is free of charge.

Emptying of each wheelie bin is done fortnightly with Recycling and Green one week and General the next and so on.  Food caddies are emptied every week.  You can find out when your bins are emptied by visiting the District Council web site here: [external link].  Collections start early morning so it is best to put your bin(s) out the previous evening.

Use the button below to find out about:

  • Covid-19 and waste disposal
  • How to get a bin
  • What we collect
  • Garden waste service
  • Other information When we collect
  • help with your collection
  • Refuse and recycling

You can now book appointments to all nine Warwickshire Household Waste Recycling Centres. The Stockton and Wellesbourne sites are limited to weekend opening only. Due to high levels of demand, Stockton, Wellesbourne and Hunters Lane in Rugby are open to essential visits only.

To book, click on the link below for your local recycling centre. Please carefully read the information in the booking process.

Use the button below to access the bin collection calendar.

Just enter your postcode (and optionally house name/number) to find out your collection dates.

If you would like to obtain a free kitchen caddy for weekly food waste collections, please contact Stratford District Council using one of the methods below.

Please note properties can have up to three free caddies per household.

Caddies can be collected from Stratford Council Offices [external link] or, in certain circumstances, they may deliver caddies to your property.

How to contact Stratford District Council

E: [external link]

T: 01789 260616

W: Apply online [external link]

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