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For any HS2 enquiries, you can now call 08081 434 434 (freephone). If you are using a minicom service, you can contact us on 08081 456 472.

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HS2 - An artist impression of Birmingham Curzon Street station

High-Speed 2 (HS2) is the planned rail network between London, the West Midlands, and the North. The first phase is under way, which will link the capital to Birmingham, creating significant disruptions for Southam.

We hope to be able to keep the people of Southam informed of the work as much as possible and any information we have will be posted on this page.

If you have any HS2 enquires, please contact the number shown above or visit the website HS2 in Warwickshire

Latest Notices

27th August 2022

Notice of overnight closures on B4455 Fosse Way in Offchurch

27th August 2022

Notice of upcoming A425 Leamington Road closures for improvement work

27th August 2022

HS2 What else is happening in your area?

27th August 2022

Upcoming works relating to temporary realignment of A425 carriageway

3rd August 2022

Notice of temporary road closure, (B4115) Ashow Road/Birmingham Road crossroads, Stoneleigh

2nd August 2022

HS2 Notification of BT Openreach improvement works – A425 Leamington Road, near Ufton

19th July 2022

HS2 BT Openreach works A425 Leamington Road Southam

19th July 2022

HS2 celebrates amazing finds as part of Festival of Archaeology

19th July 2022

HS2 Works Notification: Daytime road closures, Boddington and Wormleighton

04/05, 11/12, & 18/19 September 2021

Temporary weekend road closures: Long Itchington Road

August 2021

HS2 Update: Wornleighton to Southam area

26th August 2021

Notice of Traffic Management: Long Itchington Road, Offchurch

19th July 2021

Temporary Closure: Car Park on Welsh Road, Offchurch

5th – 30th July 2021

Notice of Ecology Works: Banbury Road, Southam

30th June 2021

Temporary Road Closure: Welsh Road, Offchurch

28th June – 9th July 2021

Public Right of Way Diversion Notice: Near Offchurch Greenway

28th June – 16th July 2021

Notice of Traffic Management: Welsh Road, Offchurch

13th June 2021

Notice of Archaeological Excavations near Southam

2nd June 2021

Notice of Route-Wide Ecological Surveys (Ongoing)

24th May 2021

Re-opening of A425 Leamington Road, Southam

24th May 2021

Re-opening of A425 Leamington Road, Southam

March 2021

Update on Archaeological Excavations near Southam

March 2021

Temporary Road Closure: Itchington Road East

March 2021

Temporary Traffic Lights: Welsh Road, Southam