Southam Neighbourhood Plan

View of Southam High street with hanging baskets outside a shop

What is the Neighbourhood Plan?

Sponsored by the Town Council, the Southam Neighbourhood Plan was initiated in 2016. It is a statement by the community within a defined boundary as to their wishes for land use, the built, and the natural environments in their area. It helps inform local planning decisions and infrastructure projects, and gains its power from the fact the community has voted for it in a special referendum and therefore it reflects a democratic view.

Southam will be a desirable place to live, being a sustainable rural community where people feel happy to live and work safely with plentiful opportunities for sport and recreation. The environment, community services, economic growth, cultural development and infrastructure of the neighbourhood will be protected and enhanced for future generations.

A separate website has been created for Southam Neighbourhood Plan. Click here for more information.

Regulation 14 Public Consultation

The Neighbourhood Plan for Southam, Warwickshire, is now available for public consultation as specified in the provisions of the Localisation Act of 2011. 

This consultation is open to all residents and businesses in Southam and invited nearby parishes and statutory bodies.