What Southam Town Council does

The Grange Southam Town Council sign

Local government can be confusing. County, District and Parish councils all serve different purposes. What do they all do? Where does Southam Town Council fit in? For Southam, the tiers are:

1. Warwickshire County Council (WCC)

WCC is based in Warwick.  WCC deals with roads and transport, education, social care, community services (e.g. libraries), waste disposal and public health. WCC is also responsible for strategic planning and the fire service.

2. Stratford District Council (SDC).

SDC takes care of local housing and planning permissions, waste collection, environmental health, leisure and recreation and council tax collection.

3. Southam Town Council (STC)

STC take responsibility for maintaining the following areas, this includes the maintenance of the site and any equipment/seating within the site:

    • Park Lane Recreation
    • Ground Shepherds Hill
    • Play Area Ascote Way
    • Play Area Priors Meadow
    • Play Area Tollgate Road
    • Play Area Mayfield Road
    • Play Area The Furrows
    • Play Area Riverside Walk
    • Merestone Park

STC are also responsible for the following:

    • Southam Volunteer Transport Scheme to assist residents to get to medical appointments
    • Maintenance of the four roundabouts in the town
    • Manage the Public Rights of Way Volunteer Group in maintaining the public rights of ways located in Southam
    • Management of the Holywell and associated signage
    • Organise the MOP Fair
    • Assist various Community Groups
    • Manage The Grange Hall
    • Provide S137 Grant Funding

As part of its commitment to support community initiatives, the Town Council makes grants to local groups that add to the quality of life of the town.

It is important that your council understands the views of as many residents as possible and is able to act in the best interests of the community, balancing current and future needs, public opinion and available funding.

The other main role of the Town Council is to represent Southam’s interests to the District and County Councils, to fight for our fair share of resources and help ensure that planning decisions are made with the best information about local impact.

In the Localism Act of 2011, town and parish councils were given the power to endorse “Neighbourhood Plans” to guide future local development.  Southam’s Plan is in the process of consultation and examination prior to a referendum of residents.

It is important to stay in contact and this is why we publish contact details of every member of the Town Council.  Please don’t be afraid to get in touch if there is something on your mind.