The main role of the Town Council is to represent Southam’s interests to the District and County Councils. 

Southam Town Council, Stratford District Council, and Warwickshire County Council all serve different purposes. Find out more below.

Warwickshire County Council (WCC)

Based at Shire Hall, Warwick, WCC is responsible for: 

Roads and Transport | Education | Social Care | Community Services | Waste Disposal | Public Health | Strategic Planning | Fire Service

Stratford District Council (SDC)

Based at Elizabeth House, Stratford Upon Avon, SDC is responsible for: 

Housing | Planning Permission | Waste Collection | Environmental Health | Leisure and Recreation | Council Tax Collection

Southam Town Council (STC)

Based at The Grange Hall, Southam, STC is responsible for:

Representing Southam’s interests to the District and County Councils

Ensuring a fair share of resources for our community

Enabling planning decisions to be informed appropriately

Supporting community initiatives by providing grants to local groups

Understanding the views of as many residents as possible and acting in their best interests

Balancing current and future needs, public opinion, and available funding

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